Nusapetro Skid System Integrator is a unit within Nusapetro Sdn Bhd, an established customer-driven company dedicated to provide innovative and cost-effective products and services.
Nusapetro Skid System Integrator brings you the first class Chemical Injection Skid and engineering solutions. Our solution enhances and optimises the quality of your production and simultaneously curtails corrosion problems in your process pipeline and equipment, applicable for both offshore and onshore facilities.

We design and integrate a wide range of packages:

• Chemical Injection Skids
• Crude Condensate Transfer Pumps
• Diesel Transfer Pumps
• Injection Rate Control Devices (IRCD)
• Open/Closed Caisson Pumps
• CO2 Vent Snuffing Systems
• Portable Chemical Injection Units

Customised elements:

We offer customised solutions in
• CI Skids
• PLC Systems
• Fieldbus Integrated Panels (FLP)
• Low Voltage Distribution Boards (LVDB)
• Electric Motor and Pneumatic Changeover Systems

Our Skid System Packages comprise of:

• Chemical Tanks
• Pump and Motors
• Valve and Mechanical Equipment
• Electrical Instrumentation and Controls
• Piping and Skid Structures