Nusapetro Sdn Bhd now provides a complete solution for permanent pipeline and structural repair and
restoration. The solution which is original pre-impregnated polyurethane wraps is used by Major Oil and Gas
Companies, City Municipalities, and Water and Waste Treatment Plants.
PowerWrap solutions will help hundreds of companies manage and remediate major problems and situations
that occur. PowerWrap provides fast, easy and cost eective solutions to remedial needs on and oshore utilizing
DOT CRF 192 & 195, ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards for proper design in accordance with a variety of
pipe standards including composite repair systems for high and low pressure pipelines.
PowerWrap provides comprehensive solutions from pipeline integrity solution, permanent pipeline repair,
corrosion protection, coatings, mechanical reinforcement, dent and leak repair.

Aquawrap® is the simplest, most cost-effective repair you can find.

Aquawrap® is a low cost composite system for use in repair and reinforcement

of existing mechanical systems, structures and piping. Aquawrap® is ready to

apply, right out of the bag and cures by way of a chemical reaction with field-applied

water. When cured, it is a very durable, high strength material that is impervious

to fuels, most chemicals and solvents. It permanently bonds to a wide variety of

surfaces such as metals, composites, concrete, plastics, and wood.


PowerSleeve® is a high strength, field-applied composite system that is

used for structural reinforcement of damaged piping. It is a wet layup, or

field-pregged, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system that consists of custom

blended epoxy and unique fiber reinforcements tailored for piping repair.

These products are suitable for pipes with leaks or which may develop leaks.

A broad line of unique epoxy matrix systems and fabrics are available to handle

a wide variety high heat applications, harsh chemical environments, and cool

installation temperatures


PowerWrap provides a line of polymer coatings and adhesives. These

polymer solutions are high performance, solvent-free, environmentally

friendly, non-hazardous materials and are specially formulated for

demanding marine, heavy industrial and underwater applications. Custom

formulations are available upon request. We have specialized formulations

for high temperatures, high chemical resistance, underwater applications

and even a system that can be applied in the presence of hydrocarbons